3 Best Sunflower Steering Wheel Covers 2021

Sunflowers are known for being “happy flowers”. They evoke a feeling of positivity because of their large, yellow blooms. Buying a sunflower steering wheel cover is therefore a no brainer.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, covering your steering wheel with a quality cover has multiple benefits as well. For one, it helps improve grip. Years of use, buildup of grime, and exposure to inclement weather conditions can leave the surface of your steering wheel damaged. And this can reduce the grip.

And two, steering wheel covers are designed to be comfortable – whether the weather outside is freezing cold is blazing hot. Just make sure to choose a weatherproof cover.

Now, the market is awash with a smorgasbord of options. From leather and synthetic options to fluffy and wood-grained ones, choosing the right cover can prove daunting. But worry no more, below we’ve reviewed the best sunflower steering wheel covers for you to consider.

Our Choice Runner’s Up
Color Sunflower Sunflower
Material Leather Leather
Brand Evankin Dotesy
$18.99 $17.99
Evankin Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover Cute and Handmade ,Leather... Dotesy Flower Car Steering Wheel Cover Fiber Leather Anti-Slip...
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3 Best Sunflower Steering Wheel Covers 2021

1. Evankin Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover for Women

1. Evankin Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover for Women

  • Fashion cute sunflower, Vivid color design, Comfortable & Durable PU leather, Exquisite symmetrical suture,…
  • This steering wheel cover is made of High-quality leather, which not only protects your steering wheel, but also…
  • Suitable for most standard size steering wheel a diameter of 38cm/15 inch.Its universal size suitable for most car…

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  • It’s sturdy and good quality
  • It doesn’t have an awful smell
  • comfortable to grip
  • Even if your hands are dry or clamy you still have great grip and traction
  • The material feels nice and is real leather


  • The cover may be creased due to poor packaging


This steering cover is high quality, is sleek looking, is designed to be durable, and installation is quick. For this reasons, it takes our #1 spot on our review.

2. Dotesy Flower Steering Wheel Cover

832 Reviews

2. Dotesy Flower Steering Wheel Cover

  • Smooth and Durable Material – The pattern sterering wheel cover is made of smooth and durable leather,soft and…
  • Universal Steering Cover – Suitable for M size steering wheels with diameter of 38cm, fits all 15inch steering…
  • Fashion Floral Pattern Steering Cover – Floral Pattern print will add more fashion for your car interior,improve…

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  • It’s beautiful
  • Easy to install
  • Hugs steering wheel just right
  • Pretty pattern, not too busy or too distracting for driving.


  • Installation may take a couple of minutes


Are you looking for a beautiful sunflower steering wheel cover that’s guaranteed to complement any car’s interior? Then look no further than this cover. It’s elegantly designed, has great stitching patterns, and is quick to install.

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  • The value for the money is great
  • Has vivid colors and soft texture
  • Easy to install and feels sturdy
  • Neoprene is very stretchy and doesn’t slide or slip on the steering wheel


  • It may feel cheaply made


Looking for a practical steering wheel cover that gets the job done? Then you should consider this cover.

Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover is designed for varying functions. For example, to improve safety by adding grip, to protect your hands from the freezing weather or hot sunny weather, and to help you improve your car interior’s aesthetics.

But before you get to enjoy any of these features, you need to consider a few things first.

1. The size of your steering wheel.

So, how do you know which size of a steering wheel cover you’re going to buy? Simply by measuring. Get a hold of a tape measure and measure the diameter of your steering wheel. The diameter is just the area from one far end of the wheel to the other. Ideally, have your measurements in inches.

Most steering wheel measure anywhere between 13 to 18 inches. 15- and 14-inch steering wheels usually tend to be the most common.

Once you’ve measured the size, now go and find a steering wheel cover that is of the same size.

2. The material of the steering wheel cover.

It goes without saying that leather is arguably one of the most popular option for steering wheel covers. And for good reason. It’s not only attractive and offers optimum grip, but it’s also easy to clean.

Wooden steering wheel covers are also available. These are guaranteed to add a unique design element to your car. And for that extra grip on your car, rubber is a good option. They are inexpensive and practical.

Other materials available include synthetic mesh steering, heated steering covers, bling steering covers, and fluffy microfiber covers.

3. The location you reside in.

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a steering wheel cover. Do you live somewhere very hot? If so, it’s in your best interest to buy a cover that will help keep your hands cool – at the beginning of the journey as well as through it.

And if you live somewhere cold, then you certainly want to buy a cover that will help keep you warm and comfortable in the cold weather.

4. The durability of the steering wheel cover.

Of course, you don’t want to buy a cover every now and then. You want to buy something that is going to last at least several months. Unsurprisingly, the most durable steering wheel cover is the one made of leather. While it costs a tad bit more than other options, a leather sunflower steering wheel cover will more than make up for the cost in terms of durability.


Q: Are steering wheel covers worth it?

A: Absolutely! A good steering wheel cover is worth every cent. It improves grip, prevents damage on the surface of the steering wheel, complements your car’s interior, and ensures you have comfortable drives regardless of the weather.

Q: Are steering wheel covers one size fits all?

A: No. Steering wheel covers range in size. Generally, they range anywhere between 13- and 18 inches. When buying a steering wheel cover, you’ll need to choose one that perfectly matches the size of your steering wheel. A tape measure should be able to help you take proper measurements.

Q: How do you install a steering wheel cover?

A: Now, most manufacturers will provide a manual on how you should install the cover on your steering wheel. But even without a manual, installing a cover is pretty easy. The easiest way to do it is to soften the cover by using a blow dryer. Alternatively, you can also leave the cover out in the sun for an hour or so. After the cover has expanded, all you have to do is simply slowly work your way down and toggle it sideways until it fits. This shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.