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About The Author “Kelvin Black” & Redline Tribe

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About https://redlinetribe.com/

The idea behind creating this blog arose due to the amount of time I was wasting looking up for the best products for my car. And most often than not, I still couldn’t get any detailed information in terms of; value for money, customer service, price promise and reliability, quality and ease of use.

This ultimately led me to the idea of starting up my own website that now includes just about anything automotive. My motive here is to reduce the hustle that people undergo in search of such information.

Well, if you’re one who finds it rather difficult to surf through the gazillion of products out there for your car and often find it extremely hard to filter through the various parameters like pricing, customer reviews, and whatnot, I believe you are now at the right place.

No wonder why many people just tend to go for the products their family members, spouses, teachers, and friends recommend. And this arises due to the confusing information out there especially from companies and individuals with vested interests. Trust me on this, searching for the most qualifying product is a pain in the ass! But worry not as https://redlinetribe.com/ will take the pain away.

As is the case with most products out there, some get the job done while others don’t. Redline Tribe ensures the products recommended get the job done. This result is achieved through a rigorous review process that takes quite a substantial amount of time and customer feedback to arrive at. In the end though, our audience get the best product to buy as well as a couple of recommended ones that might vary slightly in some ways but still offer great value than you would normally get.

Our Motive

The sole motive of this site is to provide honest information about the various products available for cars, as well as information about the automotive industry at large. We’d wish to have this blog be your go-to resource for everything automotive.