Privacy Policy

The reason why we are adding this page is just to show you the extent to which we value your privacy. Below we expound a bit about the site and the kind of info we might collect from our subscribers.

What Kind Of Info Do We Collect & Why Is That?

As you might have noticed with just about any website you come across nowadays, many of them ask for your email address whenever you sign-up for their services. Well, this site is not an exception as we ask for the same information from anyone who’d be interested to sign up for our free giveaways or car-related info. What immediately happens when you sign-up through our opt-in forms is an immediate notification email that prompts you to confirm the email address that you used to sign up with and that’s how we get your email address.

We promise all our subscribers that’ll never spam their inboxes with promotions or sell away their contacts. Our sole motive is to send them what they signed-up for and nothing else, period!


Here at we take quite a substantial amount of precautionary measures aimed at preventing the theft of data on our site. Under no circumstance should anyone other than those contracted by the Admin copy or reproduce any section either in part or in whole for whatever reasons. If for whatever reasons a person maliciously uses the name of the admin, that of the website or uses/mentions any of the content without proper consent from the administrator of the site then appropriate legal actions will be taken against the offending parties.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are used whenever anyone connects to the internet. Every computer or internet-ready device has a unique IP address that makes a distinction between it and the rest of the devices out there in the world. Our website just like the rest out there collects your IP address as part of the traffic data that is used to analyze the kind of information best suited for your demographic.

Sharing & Selling Information

Should you be worried? Not at all! Reason being we DO NOT share, sell, lease or lend any information that relates to our subscribers such as personal details and info (names, email, and comments) with anyone else regardless of the intent except when contacted to do so legally.

How We Go About Legally Compelled Information Disclosure

Well, there’s no way around that. If for whatever reason the law requires us to disclose such information then we don’t have any choice than to disclose the information so requested. From our experience, such disclosure usually arises when we have substantial information for us to believe that the offender has infringed upon the safety of other users on our site or has violated our Terms of Services.

What About Sites Linking Out To External Sources?

Sadly, we shall bear no responsibility for the practices of websites that link outside of our website and the offended user will have to deal with them directly. Often, these links are offered as pointers to information that we deem to be valuable to our readers. Important note to take here is that our privacy policy becomes null and void whenever you are directed to another website. We highly suggest reading and understanding their rules and policies before proceeding to provide valuable personal details such as names, email address or even your geographical location.

Data Security

Our commitment to both our subscribers and visitors is their information will only be stored on our servers here in the United States. In order to prevent this unauthorized usage, we have put in place stringent measures that traverse physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to secure, prevent, and safeguard against theft and manipulation.

Changes/Acquisition In Ownership

If for whatever reason this website is acquired either in whole or in part, all information therein shall in effect be considered as part of the new owner/s assets.

Children Under The Age of 14

Children under the age of fourteen years of age aren’t allowed to use our services more so when personal details are required, say subscribing for a service or entering payment details. The only exception for minors to use this website is when they have parental guidance and permission from guardians and parents.

Freedom of choice to Sign Up & Sign Out

We do not force our users to sign up for our services and is only done through a voluntary manner. Additionally, those who have already signed up for our services have the choice to unsubscribe from such services whenever they deem appropriate without giving any reason/s as to their actions. On our part, we will immediately discontinue sending messages to the addresses specified as soon as it’s technically feasible.

Privacy Policy Modifications

The administrator/s of this site has the liberty to change any part or whole of this privacy policy from time to time without any consent. However, we take it on ourselves to email users whenever we make changes.