The Best Auto Seat Covers 2020

Just as the name suggests, auto seat covers are basically covers that keep dirt from soiling your car seats.

You can have your beautiful car upholstery dirtied or made to smell foul by your pets, kids, carpool passengers etc. So what do you do when you don’t have the time to keep cleaning each time that happens.

Easy. Just slip one of these seat covers on the seats that you want covered. Sometimes one, two, three or even all of your seats. It’s that simple! You still enjoy your comfortable ride while you head back home all the while ensuring your seats remain squeaky clean for the next day.

So below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best auto seat covers available on today. These covers can fit literally any car, van, SUV, or truck.

So without delay, let’s head straight to our detailed review below and help you find the best value seat cover for your vehicle.

10 Best Auto Seat Covers

1. Till Universal Auto Seat Covers -Best Value

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The TiiL Fit-Towel Auto Seat Cover is a breathable microfiber universal seat cover that, just like the name implies, has been made from microfiber. According to the manufacturer, this one, unlike those manufactured from hard neoprene, doesn’t become smelly after a couple of uses.

See, some seat covers made from neoprene tend to be hard to wash and stash. Some even retain heat so you can imagine how hot that seat can become especially during a hot summer. The microfiber car seat cover on the contrary, doesn’t retain heat because it’s breathable and lets go of seat.


Features lock-tight cord clips that allow for durability and comfort. In terms of comfort, they ensure they stay securely in place without moving about.

It has been designed to fit most if not all cars, minivans, trucks and SUVs thanks to its wide seat portion design formula.

It’s universal. Can be used for outdoor adventures and for daily workout routines.

They tend to absorb heat and therefore are a better alternative to most neoprene seat covers.


  • Lifetime quality guarantee
  • 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Are made from microfiber


  • Doesn’t work well on child seats

2. Big Ant Auto Seat Covers

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Big Ant seat covers are made from high-quality fabric that is durable, comfortable and offers maximum protection to your car seats.

These covers are appropriate to fit almost all vehciles – vans, trucks, SUV’s and cars. It protects against pet hairs, crumbs, dirt, tearing, fading, stains, and spills. Also, it will really come handy if you have to constantly deal with naughty kids or pets.

In place of using elastic loops, the company uses long-lasting straps with buckles. The company says they do so because the straps with buckles are more durable, stronger, and are easy to get through the bottom of the seat.


These universal car seat covers are an elegant solution against tearing, fading, stains, spills, pet hairs, and crumbs.

They are airbag compatible. Meaning they don’t compromise on airbag deployment.

Are machine washable, durable, and breathable.

Will it fit your car? While it fits most cars, these universal seat covers are suitable for cars with detachable headrests.


  • looks stylish
  • Offered as a 17pcs set
  • Fabric is breathable


  • Warranty is only offered when the manufacturer is contacted

3. Bell Automotive Seat Covers – Budget Option

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The Baja Blanket Universal Bucket Seat Cover offers universal fit to any vehicle. It features a classical poncho weave design that provides for a comfortable and soft feel.

It transforms any worn out interior through covering the damaged parts, leaving the seats looking beautiful and preventing further damage on them. Once installed, they ensure protection against dirt, fading, stains, and spills. Bench seat covers and steering wheel covers are also available.


Fits most interiors with a built-in or adjustable headrests

Are machine washable

Feature a stylish design that makes the interior radiate with ambience


  • The company enjoys a long reputation for interior design and protection
  • Relatively cheap


  • There’s no mention of warranty

4. Black Helm Auto Seat Cover For Pets

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According to the manufactures, this is the ultimate protective cover that can work in multiple ways. It can function as a dog mat, as a baby car seat, as a cloth upholstery, and as a seat car protector.


Triple form cushion that maximizes protection against indents.

Has a grip and grab neoprene non-slip backing to ensure a comfortable seating devoid of sliding

Features a color safe technology. What this essentially means is that this car seat protector is heat resistant and therefore works great even in those hot summers.

It’s waterproof. It’s a waterproof seat cover that ensures no fluids sip into the seats.

It provides a universal neutral fit. Regardless of the existing seat colors one is using, these car seat protectors will blend with most if not all vehicle interiors.


  • Full refund is given under their company’s 60-day product guarantee
  • Great reviews
  • Offer heavy duty waterproof protection


  • Only available in graphite gray w/Black trim.

5. Oxgord Vehicle Seat Covers

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The OxGord 17pc PU Leather Solid Black Car Seat comes in a set of covers that can fit any car, van, SUV, and trucks. There’re five distinct designs that can be specified when buying this seat cover. The designs in question are Broken, Solid Black, Stripe, Wide, and Y and H.

According to the buyers’ manual, these leather car seat covers can be fitted to your car or truck by anyone as they require no prior experience. Not only are they stylish but they’re also durable and have been designed to work in conjunction with seat belts as well.


The OxGord Leather Cars Seat Covers are versatile. They fit in just about any car, truck, Suv, and vans type

Simple installation. No prior experience is required during installation.

They come in a 17-piece set that can transform a worn out interior into a brand new one.

Machine washable. Stains and spills can be removed easily via a ‘delicate cycle’ machine wash.


  • Easy installation
  • Machine washable


  • You have to contact the manufacturer to get a warranty

6. Gorla Auto Seat Cover

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The Gorla Waterproof Car Seat Cover is probably one of the best car seat cover available on the market today. In additional to having dizzying positive reviews, these universal car seat covers have great features.


Tired of sliding whilst driving? This seat cover ensures that you focus on driving thanks to the company’s ANTI-SLIP GRIP feature that holds you securely into place.

Easy installation. It’s as simple as quick on and off. And once fitted, you’ll no longer have to worry about dog hair, odors, sand, stains, and sweat.

Waterproof. Thanks to premium neoprene, these car seat protectors won’t allow any fluid to slip through the seats. And in case you have leather seats installed, just remove the seat covers whenever they’re not required to allow the leather seats to breathe.

Machine washable. After the seat covers have done their job of absorbing the stains and dirt, you can take them and machine-wash them on the ‘gentle cycle’ setting.


  • 100% risk free purchase thanks to 60-day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty in case of material defects
  • Won’t stain your seats like cheap ones will
  • Bonus seat belt cover provided
  • Won’t stick to skin
  • It is waterproof


  • No other color option offered

7. Hawaiian Universal Vehicle Seat Covers

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The Hawaiian universal car seat covers come in a set of two bucket seat covers. According to the Hawaiian manufacturer, these universal car seat covers add a new refreshing look and feel to your vehicle (cars, minivans, trucks) by adding some Hawaiian tropical flare.

They’re attractive while still ensuring you feel comfortable and cool. These seat covers are actually made in the USA – meaning no quality standard has been compromised during their manufacturing.


Look and feel attractive thanks to attractive Hawaiian print designs.

Are made from durable cotton fabric

Come in a pair of two seat covers – one for the driver and one for the passenger


  • Attractive
  • Thick elastic loops make them fit most seats
  • Great reviews although it’s a newcomer


  • Still a newcomer

8. AmazonBasics Deluxe Automotive Leather Seat Covers

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These car seat protectors are manufactured using leather and are compatible with Vans, Cars, Trucks, and SUVs.

According to the manufacturer, these leather seat covers give your vehicle a sense of class that screams sophistication thanks to a mature, tried and tested design. Again, they create a refined, tasteful look made possible by the tortoise shell pattern.

Being leather means that it requires to breathe once in a while. As such, these leather car seat covers come with a whopping 3mm of breathable foam backing that repels heat away leaving everything around it feeling cool and refreshed.


Available in an array of different colors to meet different preferences

Features a stylish design and patterns. They not only protect against dirt, spills and stains, they’re also designed to give your interior that stylish appearance.

Compatible with removable and non-removable headrests

Doesn’t interfere with the functioning of heated seats

They perfectly fit 20/40/20, 40/60, 60/40, and 50/50 split rear benches

Easy installation and removal

Airbag compatible. Tried and tested, these leather car seat covers don’t interfere with the deployment of your car’s airbags


  • Breathable,
  • Variety of colors are offered
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Many positive customer feedback
  • Doesn’t interfere with side airbags


  • Lacks multiple other designs

9. Athlete Ignited Universal Fit Leather Seat Cover For Cars – Freebie Included

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This Waterproof Car Seat cover from Athlete Ignited is a premium option that features quality craftsmanship. It’s a universal seat cover that can be used in multiple scenarios including on pets, sports, and of course cars, vans, minivans, trucks etc.

It’s made from Neoprene and is available in a variety of colors. Once installed, this seat cover does not slip or move around thereby offering comfort as you drive. Also, the neoprene material allows for a soft and subtle feel.

Unlike most mentioned in this car seats cover review, this is among the few that truly offer a ‘universal’ utility. According to the manufacturer, this seat cover makes living in a filthy environment or riding in a foul-smelling car a thing of the past. The only thing needed is just to fit the Vauser TM waterproof car seat cover on them. Whether you’re working out in the gym, doing sports, yoga, or fitness workouts.


Offers impeccable craftsmanship that raises your car’s ambience.

One no longer requires hooks and straps yet it offers a confident and luxurious feel. The smooth contours also make sure that you don’t slide up and down the seat.

Easy installation when needed especially after burning those extra calories at the gym, during a morning run, basketball game, bike ride or yoga. This therefore means that you also no longer have to clean your interior frequently.


  • Uses sharkskin grooved bottom to prevent sliding of any sort
  • Has multiple utilities and very practical
  • Its machine washable
  • Free seat belt cover provided


  • Not recommended for light interiors

10. FH Group Neoprene Automotive Seat Covers Set

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This is designed to fit 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, or 20/40/20 split rear benches. The set includes a bag of snaps, 5 headrest covers, a rear bottom bench cover, 1 rear backrest cover, and 2 front bucket covers.

According to the company, these seat covers have been made through the use of ultra-fine polyester to produce a quality, stylish, and contemporary design.


Available as a set therefore makes your interior uniform

Material is machine washable and breathable. This means that, unlike most car seat covers available out there, these can actually be used on leather seats without the need to keep removing them to allow the leather to breathe. So the only excuse to remove them is when they’re actually dirty

Airbag compatible. Tried and tested, these universal seat covers allow for airbag deployment thanks to the special stitching on the side.

Easy installation and removal thanks to adjustable straps and concealed Velcro opening.

This product is only compatible with vehicles that have detachable or adjustable headrests


  • Great reviews,
  • Stylish design


  • Not recommended for vehicles with leather seating

How to Choose The Best Vehicle Seat Covers

When it comes to choosing a seat cover for your car, your decision should solely be pegged on your needs. You should ask yourself a couple of questions, including:

>What is my intention? For example, is your intention to protect your seats from possible spills, dirt, or mud?

>Am i looking for extra comfort?

>Am i looking to minimize wear and tear?

Some may even be looking for a seat cover to help peotect their car seats from absorbing sweat, after a sweaty day at the local gym.

So, whichever seat cover you’re looking for, make sure to choose one that perfectly meets your needs. For example, if looking to minimize pet damage, you should choose a seat cover that is durable, and, ideally, machine washable.

If you’re looking for protection against mud, sweat or rain, you’ll want to choose a seat cover that is, obviously, waterproof. Basically, this means going for neoprene seat covers.

Types of Seat Covers

Universal seat covers: These are basically “universal”. They are suitable for all car seat types. It’s no wonder why these are the most popular seat covers in the U.S and other parts of the world.

Generally speaking, they are not only affordable, but are also easy to install and maintain.

Custom fit seat covers: These are also quite common. As the name suggests, these are customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Semi-Custom Seat Covers: These are designed with a more general pattern for compatibility with a buyer’s car seats. However, they will also work well with other vehicles that have similar size and shape arrangements.

Usually, they are open sided so as not to obstruct the air bags on the sides.

Universal Seat Covers: These are just what they sound like. Being universal, it means that they can fit just about any car, inclyding every make, model, and year.

Unlike others, they are typically cheaper and much easier to install as they usually just stretch over the existing seats.

Key Takeaway

Are seat covers worth it? Of course, they are! They will protect your car seats so they last longer and won’t require cleaning or replacement.

Out of our list of the best auto seat covers, we recommend the Till Universal Auto Seat Cover. It is designed to fit most vehicles, is waterproof, breathable, and, above all, pocket friendly.