The Best Auto Floor Mats 2020

best auto floor mats

Anyone who appreciates a squeaky clean car understands the value good auto floor mats bring. A floor mat is designed in such a way that it makes it possible to effectively trap sand, mud, road salt and water.

Most of the universal mats reviewed here are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) – an advanced rubber-like compound – that is OEM approved. They are 100% recyclable and do not contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, or PVCs.

Moreover, all of the universal fit floor mats reviewed here are all-weather – meaning they won’t spoil even in the harshest of temperatures, hot or cold. For assurance of quality, all the auto mats meet the ISO 9001 and the FMVSS302 standards.

Also, most of them are universal in their applications and therefore might need to be trimmed, while others are model specific and have been precut to fit perfectly in those models.

So without further ado, here are the best auto floor mats to choose for your car. They have been expertly reviewed to ensure a buyer gets the best value for their money.

10 Best Auto Floor Mats

1. WeatherTech Universal Auto Floor Mats – Best Value

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Weathertech is a world-reknowned industry leader in the vehicle protection industry. They are strong proponents of the use of American-made products.

Due to their unique shaping and trim-to-fit features, this weathertech universal auto mat has in multiple occassions been ranked asa top-rated univeral auto mat when it comes to practicaility, affordability, and dependability.

The weathertech auto mats are designed to fit cars of different sizes. They feature deep scuplted rigdes that are designed to hold as much dirt, debris, snow and mud, ensuring your car flooring is protected year-round.


No harmful PVCs and meet high quality standards –
Manufactured in America to ISO 9001 standards, and also meet FMVSS302 standards – your assurance of quality.

Patented matgrip to prevent shifting. It won’t move once installed; therefore, letting you drive safely

Won’t crack, curl or harden in sub-zero weather –
are engineered to stay flexible in any weather temperatures and feature a protective

Easy to trim yourself for a more customized fit


  • It’s heavy and thick to ensure it stays in place – Front mats are 5/8″ thick and 19″ wide by 27″ long, while rear mats are 5/8″ thick and 18.5″ wide by 17″ long
  • Made by a reputable, American company
  • Easy to trim and shape to your vehicle.


*Some may find the price to be a bit too high

2. Zone Tech All Weather Auto Floor Mats

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These auto mats are designed to give a protective layer of protection for car, vans, trucks, and SUVs floors. The 4pc includes 2 heavy duty runners for the 2nd and 3rd rows and 2 for the driver and front seat passenger.

The floor mats offer protection for the car’s flooring ensuring that dirt and dust doesn’t damage the original flooring. Like most universal car mats covered in this review, these also can be trimmed to fit any vehicle’s interior.


Will fit most vehicle’s flooring without requiring any trimmings

Easy to be cleaned when dirty

Are heavy duty rubber mats that will last longer

It’s an original UAA product

Is fully customizable

Is 100% odorless, no more rubber smell that cause headache


  • Comes in a full set of four pieces for the front and rear.
  • The company has a long reputation in producing floor mats.
  • It is durable. It is made with high quality PVC Rubber with NBR and natural rubber.
  • Stain resistant and water proof.


  • Can give off a rubber odor during the first couple of days.

3. Fanmats NBA-Miami Heat Vinyl Universal Auto Mats – Premium Option

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These Fanmats vinyl universal heavy duty fan auto mats, as the name suggests, are made from 100% vinyl construction. They not only add style to your car but also are rugged and made to be durable.

They help protect your vehicle’s flooring against dirt thanks to nib structures that effectively scrape dirt off your shoes.


Durable. These vinyl universal floor mats are made from 100% heavy-duty vinyl material that ensure they last long.

Available in all NFL, MLB, NBA and top NCAA teams

They are universal. Can be trimmed to fit any cars, trucks and SUVs (16.75-inch x 26.75-inch)

Feature true team colors in 3-D moldings


  • Are made to be durable
  • Are multi-colored


  • They come in just a pair

4. FlexTough Baseline Heavy Duty Auto Floor Mats

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The MotorTrend FlexTough Baseline series mats offer maximum protection thanks to their unique design. According to the manufacturer, these universal car mats feature linear and diagonal ridges that are unique in their design to trap as much dirt as possible.

Extra customization can be had through customized trimmings. They are non-toxic and odorless, and are made from only the highest quality polymers.


Made by a high quality brand – FlexTough . Also, they are sold and endorsed by Motor Trend – “The Magazine of the Motoring World.

It is an eco-product. Made from odorless rubber, and approved by SGS European Standard.

They offer all weather protection and have been built for durability

Constructed using eco-friendly, odorless rubber that is BPA free

Can be customized to fit any car


  • Are heavy-duty mats built to stand the test of time
  • Are all-weather floor mats
  • Various color options to choose from


  • May need to be cut for some models

5. R-Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Auto Floor Mats

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Plasticolor Blue and White R Racing Universal fit auto floor mats are specifically designed to be used as front floor mats. They are stylishly designed and can complement any vehicle’s interior.

Can easily be cleaned with water and soap.


Stylishly designed. Feature a Blue and White R Racing design that makes them stand out from the rest of the car floor mats

All-weather mats

Ultimate protection for active lifestyles

Made from a durable and flexible material that makes them effective in removing dirt

Two pieces are offered


  • Stylishly designed
  • Doesn’t require trimming
  • Rave reviews


  • It’s relatively a bit costly

6. BDK Universal Fit 4-Piece Heavy Duty All Weather Auto Floor Mats – Pocket Friendly

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These BDK Universal Fit All Weather auto floor mats are long lasting PVC rubber mats that offer protection for the original vehicle’s carpet. Their design makes it easy to trap spills, mud, dust, and dirt.

They are washable in either hot or cold water.


Are all-weather car floor designed using a heavy duty PVC material

Can be trimmed to fit any car’s interior floor

They don’t crack, Split or Deform thanks to Advanced Performance Rubber Polymers

They stay securely in place thanks to an anti-slip nib backing feature that prevents them from moving about


  • Look beautiful
  • Many positive customer feedback
  • Can be trimmed to fit individual preference
  • Come in four pieces – 2 piece front (27 x 18 inch. ), 2 piece back (16. 5 x 18 inch. ) mats.


  • No warranty guarantee

7. BDK Heavy Duty 4-Pieces Vehicle Floor Mats

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The BDK Heavy Duty vehicle floor mats are made from high quality material that not only last long but requires very minimal maintenance. It helps maintain the original look of your car’s flooring by keeping away the damaging effects of dirt and debris.

According to the manufacturer, these BDK rubber floor mats feature uniquely constructed diagonal and linear ridges that are strategically placed to optimize their efficiency in trapping dirt.


Constructed using a high quality PVC for maximum dirt-trapping efficiency

Measurements: front (28″ x 20″) rear (17.5″ x 56″) liner (17.5″ x 56″)

Nabbed heavy backing for non-skid or non-slip properties

Are available in four pieces

Are trimmable mats and can easily be customized even to fit in the cargo area


  • Offered in a full set of four
  • Has many rave reviews
  • Available in three color options: black, grey, and beige


  • Are only offered in black color

8. AmazonBasics 3-Piece Rubber Car Floor Mats

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These AmazonBasics heavy duty rubber car floor mats are designed to offer your vehicle maximum protection against dirt, mud, water, and snow. Designed by a well-known brand, these rubber floor mats feature a tire pattern design that ensures they have a steady grip on the floor therefore don’t move about on the floor surface.

The rubber is an odorless, flexible material that works well under any weather conditions, hot or cold.


They are durable car floor mats

Will not crack or curl even in extreme weather conditions because they’re made from an odorless, high quality soft rubber

Have an anti-skid backing design feature that prevents it from moving about on the floor

Odorless material made without any terrible smell

Fade-resistant design won’t crack, split, or warp under harsh conditions

Made of premium, thick, heavy-duty BPA-free rubber that’s nontoxic and odorless, and long-lasting

Easily cleaned with just water and soap

You can adjust the trim and edge to fit your car, sedan, truck, or van


  • Comes from a reputable company
  • Rave reviews
  • Are of high quality material and designed to work under the harshest of conditions
  • Available in three color options: black, grey and beige


  • The ridges may not hold a lot of snow

9. Armor All All-Season Auto Mats – Pocket Friendly

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The Armor All Season Rubber Auto Mats are a cheap alternative to those mentioned above. And like them, they too protect your vehicle’s interior floor mat thanks to their deep tread pattern that comes handy against mud, snow, dirt and rain.

They don’t move about and stay in place thanks to the carpet claw anti-slip cleats. This brand has been in the market for quite some time now and can be trusted to keep those car, truck, and SUV’s floors squeaky clean.


Armor All has been committed for over 50 years and is known to produce quality and durable car products

They are engineered to ensure the mats will not curl, crack or harden in sub-zero weather

Trim to fit. They come with already universal cut lines that make trimming hustle free

Feature carpet claw feature that ensures they keep steady and not move about

Three colors are available – Black, Gray, and Tan

Like the rest, they offer all-weather protection against mud, snow, and water

Will not harden, curl, or crack even in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Cheap alternative
  • Designed to be trimmed
  • The company has been around for quite some time
  • Rave reviews


  • The smell can be a nuisance in the first couple of days

10. Zone Tech All-Weather 3-Piece Automotive Mats

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These all-weather rubber automotive mats are offered in 3 pieces. According to the manufacturer, these auto mats are made from high quality PVC Rubber with natural rubber and NBR material. These two materials ensure longevity and durability.

Regardless of the weather, the floor mats will not curl or crack. Again, these car floor mats do not give off a rubber smell that can sometimes can cause some people get headaches


Made of high quality materials. The high quality PVC and NBR ensure that these floor mats are extremely durable.

Odorless. No more headaches due to rubber smell

Trimmable edges ensure these vehicle floor mats are easily cut to fit

They are waterproof car mats that are intricately designed to keep off fluids from sipping through

Easily cleaned with water and dry air.


  • Completely odorless
  • Many positive customer feedback


  • Might be small for some SUVS
  • May give off a strong smell during the first couple of days

Tips for Buying Vehicle Floor Mats

Car floor mats are meant to keep your interior clean and organized. To ensure this, needless to say, you need to ensure that you buy the right product that fits your car and does what it says it will.

The following are some few things you should keep in mind when shopping online for a car mat.

Your car’s interior design: How many rows does your vehicle have? Retailers sell car mats in sets, and you’ll therefore want to buy a mat that fits your car. So, if you car has two rows, then buy two sets of mats – front and back. And, if your car has three rows of seats, then buy accordingly.

The last thing you’d want is to leave spaces without mats.

The mat’s surface: This is something that many buyers fail to think about when buying their mats, especially for the first time.

Buy a mat that has an anti-slippery surface. Why? Because, the last thing you want is to keep sliding your legs whilst driving. You may not only slide while boarding your car, but the sliding surface may also lead to an accident.

The mat’s material: Mats ae made of various materials depending on the manufacturer, from PVC, carpet, rubber to printed ones. And soome are machine-produced whereas others are handmade.

When shopping, choose one based on your experience or preference. If you are buying a mat during the rainy season, then choose one that has more substantive fabric.

Your car’s size: Of course, what will fit a van won’t fit a semi truck. Luckily, sizes of mats as well as which vehicles they fit are indicated alongside the products on Amazon.

The cost of the mat: You’ll also want to consider the price of a mat relative to the quality. Reading reviews of different matsshould give you a good idea of what to expect.

Who makes the best car mats?

Motor Trend: Motor Trend is based in Southern California. Above everything else, their automotive mats are highly customizable to fit any car with just a pair of scissors.

Generally speaking, their mats are easy to install, clean and are relatively durable. They also make them using rubber to make them affordable, long-lasting, and odorless.

WeatherTech: Weathertech is a household name when it comes to the floor liner business. They have been in business for more than 30 years, and are recognized for their top-quality and durable car mats.

Their mats don’t contain any harmful PVCs, as they are made from a recyclable, OEM-approved Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).

Their mats are some of the best-selling on online retailer giant – Amazon. One such mat is the Weathertech Universal Auto Mat.

They, however, don’t come cheap. But one thing’s for sure, they are definitely worth the money. It’s no wonder why their mats enjoy such rave reviews thanks to their high-quality, durability and reliability.

Husky Liners: Just like Weathertech, Husky Liners have also been in the market since 1988. They mainly focus on SUVs, and that’s why their mats aren’t available for different varieties of vehicles.

Key Takeaway

Are you a daily driver? If you are, then it’d be in your best interest to protect your vehicle from dirt, durst, mud, and debris that comes with it. All the mats reviewed are made of durable material that is mean’t to handle anything and everything you, your passengers, and other elements through at it. From our review, we found the Weathertech Universal Floor Mat to offer the best value for money.